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Inflatable Bumper Car’s Attentions in Use

  1. Please ensure that there is no sharp objectives in the operation area to avoid damage product.
  2. The bumper car must be operated in a enclosed space to avoid hitting people,we recommend our inflatable race track to surround the cars.
  3. Any people can’t enter into the area when the cars are being operated,the player get off the car when it stops.
  4. Please check if the FRP is locked before operation,fasten the safety belts.When manager start the cars,you can play.Push and pull the left joystick,the left wheel go ahead and backward,push and pull the right joystick,the right wheel go ahead and backward,push the left and pull the right the car will rotate 360 °
  5. Don’t open the bottom of FRP when the car is running.
  6. The children must be under the supervision of adults.
  7. The maximum load weight is 100 kgs (Each car carry 1 child)
  8. The children must be under the supervision of adults when get on or get off the car.
  9. The player must be advised to sit on the seat,don’t stand up or shake.