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Inflatable Bumper Tire

  1. Please use the air pump produced by us to inflate the inflate tire, don’t use other air pumps, so as not to shorten the tire life because of big or small pressure.
  2. Use the safety air mouth correctly to avoid air leakage.
  3. Please observe the pressure of product and replenish air pressure when it is not enough.
  4. If there is damage and leakage needs repair, please check if the air mouth is damaged or loose; If leakage, please paint the tube by the soap bubble to see if it is bubbling, Any slight leakage, please dry the leakage part and repair it with the tape. If the leakage is serious, the tube must be deflated, then paint the PVC material and tube with the glue,gluing and smooth them,press some heavy objective on them,then inflate the tube 8 hours later, use it again after ensuring there is no leakage.
  5. Please ensure that there is no shape objectives in the operation area to avoid damage product or hurt players.