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Installation Instructions for Break Dance

Installation Instructions for Break Dance

1.According to the drawing, the base should be placed in the center of your real playground and place six corners of the base to the corresponding position with expansion bolts to connect the ground in order to reinforce the equipment.

2.Connect the corresponding numbers(on the edge of base and center base) with screws.

3.There are 15 pieces of bases totally, and we mark a number on each base, and place the bases on the corresponding diagonal bracing with the same number.

4.You need to install 3 corresponding small motors under the base.

5.You need to install 3 small arms to the three gears

6.You need to install 9 pieces of supports of the cockpits.

7.Install the each cockpit(also mark the number) to the corresponding supporting arms.

8.Install the conducting rings to the cockpits.

9.Install conducting rings on the three small arms.

10.Install conducting ring on the small gears.

11.Install lubricator on the diagonal bracing of the base.

12.You need to connect the 3 pieces of power lines under the base to the motors under the 3 gears.

13.Connect the small conducting rings on the 3 pieces of gears(you can refer to step 10).

14.The marked lines should be connected to the English letter: A,B and C on the control box.

15.Install the bottom.

16.Connect the LED lights according to the drawing.

17.You need to make holes and connect the power line.

18.Use some screws under the base to fasten the diamond decoration.

19.Use screws to fasten the diamond decoration to the center position of the base.

20.You need to install a transformer for LED lights on the central pillar and bottom.

21.Connect the power line on the cockpits to the LED lights power line, and then fasten the cover plates to the corresponding numbers on the cockpit.

22.Install the decorations on the both sides of cockpits.

23.There are the same English letters: A, B and C in the electric control box.

24.Input wire connect the electric control boa( You need to choose the thicker copper core cable according to the distance between the equipment and power supply).

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