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Installation of Digger Rides

  1. Place the digger on a firm and level ground, use an expansion bolt to fix it, and install a protective fence. The nearest fence should be more than 1.5 meters away from digger.
  2. This digger uses AC 220V power suppl.
  3. The first boot should be continuously started and stopped more than three times, and empty running for more than 5 minutes to eliminate the gas in the pipeline.
  4. The working device connection part should be filled with lubricating oil.
  5. E. The machine has been debugged normally before leaving the factory, the speed is moderate. For adjustments please refer to the following instructions.

Adjust the speed of the device. In the lower right corner of the adjustable hydraulic valve, there is a round nut with an adjustable pressure screw inside, clockwise rotation to increase the pressure, counterclockwise rotation to reduce the pressure. (for the whole machine pressure).

 Adjusting the speed of a single action, in the middle of adjustable hydraulic valve has a speed control valve (The speed control valve is a pentagon, and the circular adjustment nut is in the middle), and the corresponding work indicator is for each single action, clockwise rotation reduces the pressure, counterclockwise rotation increases the pressure, the amount of rotation depends on the need.