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Introduction about the Material of Inflatable Castle

The inflatable castle has always been a favourite amusement equipment for children, so we attach great importance to material safety. Today we will introduce our inflatable castle and its material to all of you.

Our inflatable castle is generally not calculated by area, because this method is unscientific. We mainly calculate the cost in terms of area, shape and complexity.

Our inflatable castle ia made of high quality PVC material with net. This kind of material is a professional inflatable cloth, which has good cold resistance and can withstand temperature of minus 40 degree; it has good flame-retardant properties and can self-extinguish within 5 seconds when met open fire.The PVC fabric we use has been tested by the technical supervision bureau. The results show that the material is not irritating to the skin and is not toxic, so it is completely harmless tio children.

The customer group of amusement equipment is children, so it is important to give children a safe environment.

By Jinshan carnival rides