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Introduction and Operation of Self Control Plane

Self control plane ride is a popular ride in the amusement park. Generally there are 2 models: 6 arms and 8 arms. The plane rotate around the center rockets and other decorations, and it includes many lights in the center rockets and arms and the audio systems. Recently it uses the air compressor and cylinder system to replace the old hydraulic system, and have the advantage of small pollution -free noise.


How to operate

The total power of self control plane is 8 kw, and the voltage is 380v. The basic demands of installation are as follow :Concrete level hardened site with thickness of 10 cm or above; chassis fixation is divided into two types: basic and non-basic. If it has the basic fixing, it can use the embedded parts welding and expansion screws to fix, and the embedded parts welding is the safest.

Before the operation, check the electric system firstly; after plugging in, check whether the light of control cabin is shining, then push the button of bell to check whether the system is normal. Before opening the equipment, it is necessary to be sure that all customer has settled down and fasten the seat belt. There are two buttons which can control the cabin up and down in the seat cabin, and the control cabin includes the timing relay system, which can make the equipment operate and stop automatically according to the adjusted time. In the event of an emergency, press the emergency stop button of the electric control cabinet to stop the equipment.


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