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Introduction for Amusement Fruit Flying Chair

Fruit flying chair is a classic amusement rides for kids. It wins a huge popularity for its beautiful appearance and thrilling feeling among kids and adults. Its integral appearance is made up of grapes, mangoes, strawberries, peaches and other fruits models. Its vivid portrayal and bright color make all fruits pretty good. Moreover, its emerald green watermelon cabins make it more elegant and beautiful and attract more passengers to linger on. Also the bright LED lights greatly improve its visual effects and its attraction.

About fruit flying chair, its specification as followed:

Capacity: 16 seats

Space area with fence: 8.6m diameters

Height: 4m

Material: FRP+Stainless steel

Rotating diameter: 5m

Operating height: 0.7m

Power: 1.5kw

Voltage: 380V


By Jinshan carnival rides