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Introduction of Amusement Coffee Cup Rides

Amusement Rotary coffee cup rides is a newly developed amusement equipment in the park. Colorful coffee cups can rotate with the grail, also the passengers can control handles themselves to make cups rotate to the opposite direction at the same time. It is super fun to give passengers a feeling of weightlessness and dizziness.

Also we have tea cup models, bear cup models, gear cup models and etc. Its working principle is the same as the amusement merry go round. The motor controls the grail to rotate, and also it drives the crank to make the cups work.

For coffee cup rides, its specification as followed:

Capacity: 6 cups, 24 persons

Space area: 8m diameters

Height: 3.5m

Power: 3KW

Voltage: 380V

By Jinshan carnival rides