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Introduction of Amusement Disco Tagada Rides

Disco tagada is a new design of classical gyroscope amusement rides which makes it very popular in the parks, it combines revolution, autobiography with rolling. it also can rotate along the variable angle axis. This equipment connects the turntable through the slewing

bearing to achieve movable joints. In order to achieve the cockpits    

rotating from the different inclination angle, there are different

functions of drive system & pneumatic system. Passengers sit on the chair around the turntable, they feel moving with the rotary, like surfing on the sea. Also speed is adjustable, color can be customized, and it is the same for background as long as you provide us clear pictures

About the specification for amusement tagada, please refer to the following:




Passengers Space area Height Power Voltage Speed
Ø2.2 8 persons 4*4.5m 3.5m 10kw 380V 2m/s
Ø3 16persons 6*7m 4m 16kw 380V 2m/s
Ø4 24persons 7*9m 5m 17kw 380V 2m/s
Ø5 32persons 8*10m 6m 17kw 380V 2m/s



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