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Introduction of Antique Battery Trackless Train

Electrical system:

  1. Battery: 6V-250A (16pcs)
  2. Charger: 96V-50A, automatic charger.
  3. Controller: 96V800A electronic phase change (You Qibing).
  4. Traction motor: 96V/10KW

Power system:

  1. Power transmission system: rear drive.
  2. Steering system: rack and pinion steering gear, automatic gap compensation function.
  3. Front axle and suspension: leaf spring independent suspension.
  4. Rear axle and suspension: integral rear axle, leaf spring independent suspension.
  5. The brake system: front and rear dual circuit hydraulic drum brake, car brake device (vacuum booster)
  6. Train power system: CVT


  1. Painting: all vehicles use automotive paint and computer paint with professional spray equipment.
  2. Car body: high quality GB carbon square tube welding frame – metal outer cover.
  3. Lights and signals: combination of headlights, steering lights, rear taillights, electric horn.
  4. Forward brake: laminated glass.
  5. Control room: surrounded by full closure.