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Introduction of Big Octopus Rides

Big octopus rides is a self control amusement equipment which rotate around the center axis.This equipment suits kids and adults to seat together.The motor provide the power, and the players who seat in the fiberglass cabin rotate and lift. The colourful lights and lovely music make the players feel more happy and excited.

Operation principle:The main part have revolution and the single cabin have rotation; the lifting of every arm is controlled by the hydraulic pressure.  

Material:The main material is steel , and the decoration and cabins use the fiberglass.    

Target places:Shopping mall , supermarket, square,amusement park and the public place with lots of people.

Target crowd:All ages( small kids need to be accompanied by adults. )                         

Advantages:Accessories are produced by regular manufacturers; all fiberglass production use the Craft of automobile dust -free baking paint, because it is smooth and not easy to fade; The equipment is meticulous, safe and reliable; it is popular among the players and investors.



Cover area Height Voltage Power Lifting height  
5arms(30seat 12m 4.5m 380v 13kw 1.8m


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