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Introduction of Happy Jellyfish Rides

Happy Jellyfish Rides

Happy Jellyfish is a small kind of amusement equipment, which combines the colourful balloon with the cabins. It set the revolution and rotation and lifting in one. It is similar with the flying chair; in addition, the player can control the cabin to rotary during playing , so that it is more interesting.

The operating principle:The happy jellyfish that doesn’t have the lifting function rotates through the motor to drive the gear and make the big arm to rotate. The universal joint pin contact with the small arms and big arms, and the rotation of big arms brings the rotation of small arms. The happy jellyfish are raised by the hydraulic cylinder pushing the the center shelf, then the motor drives the disc, so that it can make the big arm to rotate.



Specification Diameter Height Speed Voltage Power
Small happy jellyfish(not lifting) 6arms 7m 4m 1.9m/s 380v 4kw
  8arms 8m 4m 1.9m/s 380v 4kw
  10arms 10m 4m 1.9m/s 380v 5kw
Lifting happy jellyfish 6arms 7m 5m 1.9m/s 380v 9kw
  8arms 8m 5m 1.9m/s 380v 9kw
  10arms 10m 5m 1.9m/s 380v 11kw


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