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Introduction of Inflatable Mechanical Rodeo Bull Riding

Inflatable mechanical rodeo bull riding

Inflatable mechanical rodeo bull riding is a popular amusement equipment.The main part is simulator mechanical bull, inflatable mat and control cabin.It is more stimulating and challenging than other amusement equipment, what’s more, it is easy to be delivered and doesn’t have the limitation for the site. So it is a good choice for the players and investors. 

Operating principle: The equipment is driven by DC motor and single-phase AC motor, and by the RV reducer to drive the crankshaft to drive the swing device to make the bull go back and forth, rotate and sway.In addition , the machine has the microcomputer controller to monitor the working status and execute movement instructions.

Generally we have two types: Manual and automatic, the difference between them is that the automatic bull riding has the inductor which make the bull stop when the people drop from the bull.



cover Bull size voltage power Speed
Bull riding Diameter 4m 1.8m*0.6m*1.6m 220v 1.5kw 18roll/min

Mechanical Bull Rides

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