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Introduction of Mini Pendulum

Mini pendulum is the scaled-down version of the pendulum. Because it is small and the running height is less than 2 meters, it has the specialty: stabilization and safety. What’s more, it has the fully functional electrical cabinet and auxiliary appliances to insure the system starts and runs safely and smoothly.

Mini pendulum is composed of the main support, hoisting set, pendulum and electric system.The main material include the fiberglass and steel. The pendulum has the seats and safety pressure lever to keep the player safety.The transmission use the way that the motor drivers the rotation and the support.The motor can control the nonuniform rotation. And the air cylinder make the pendulum to have large swing. In addition , the cabinet have the control circuit of the driving device ,the bell button, it is easy to operation.

Mini pendulum rides suit for the playground, amusement park, kindergarten, shopping mall, supermarket, restaurants and residential areas.The lovely and beautiful design, bright lights will attract more customers to play.

By Jinshan carnival rides