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Introduction of Mini Pendulum Rides

Amusement mini pendulum rides is a new type of small amusement equipment in the international market. Its running depends on the air compressor. Before the equipment operating, the air compressor needs to work firstly, and its air will flow to the cylinder on the pendulum rides; then it will push the hammer to swing, and make the safety bars open and closed automatically. For rotation of the cabin, it is driven by the motor under it.

Usually, we have luxury mini pendulum rides and simple pendulum rides. Size and color can be customized. 5 seats, 6 seats, 8 seats and 12 seats are all available for us. Its swing angle is 36 degrees one side, and height is 4.5m; speed is 2m/s, also speed is adjustable.

About our 6 seats pendulum rides, its specification are as followed:

Capacity: 6 seats

Space area: 5*6m

Height: 4.5m

Swing angle: 36 degrees(one side)

Power: 10.5KW

Voltage: 380V

mini pendulum

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