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Introduction of Ocean Train Amusement Equipment

Introduction of Ocean Train Amusement Equipment

Cabins: It has super high bearing capacity, 4 carriages, 14 seats for each. It is made up of 4 cabins that can seat 4 people(children or adults) at the same time.

The track of ocean trackless train: The track is made up of sleepers and steel rails. It is powered by double electric boxes to provide current to rail for train to run. It applies to parks, kindergartens, shopping malls, etc.. The specification can be customized according to the size of the site.

Running time : It runs 5-10 rounds per minute, and the circling time is adjustable (0-5 minutes).

Technical parameters:

Voltage: 220v  

Power: 1.5 kw  

Area size: 12*16m  

Equipment size: 10*14m

Capacity: 14 person  

Running speed: 1.2m/s

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