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Introduction of Pirate Ship Rides

Pirate ship rides is an amusement equipment which swing back and forth around the horizontal axis.After the player taking a seat, the safety pressure lever will be put the suitable position; then the pirate ship begins to swing and the speed is from slow to quick. It is very thrilling and funny for players, and it is a popular amusement equipment for players and investors.

Operating principle: Through driving tire, the ship swing back and forth under the action of friction. When the ship reach the top site, the motor power off and stop driving, then the ship is in the free swing phase of inertia. After the speed of ship becoming slow, the brake cylinder will open and make the brake tire raising; then the tire is rubbing against the bottom of the ship and make it to brake , finally the ship stop after several oscillations.



Cover areawith fence Height Voltage Power Speed Angle
12seats 5m*13m   8m 380v 7000w 2m/s 60°
16sesats 5m*13m   8m 380v 7000w 2m/s 60°
24seats 5m*13m   8m 380v 7000w 2m/s 60°
 Mini 8-12seats          3m*5m      4m 220v


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