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Introduction of Track Train

The track train is an amusement machine designed for children aged 2-12, which is divided into vintage and cartoon models. The exterior design and colors of the trains are designed according to children’s preferences. Its size is usually 1 locomotive and 4 cabins, and its capacity can be increased or decreased according to the request of the guests. The train is powered by an electric cabinet. There is a beautiful nursery rhyme when the train is running. It carries children running on the train tracks and seems that you take a real train. The speed is adjustable and it is very safe. Also it can bring children a very happy and beautiful experience.

The railroad train produced by our factory is equipped with an electric cabinet box. Therefore, AC power is used when the equipment needs to be started. The power traction method is used, that is to say the power supply 220V will be converted into the required voltage so that the train will start. After the equipment is running, it can be stopped within the specified time and also time can be adjusted.


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