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Introduction of Trampoline Park

Trampoline park is very popular throughout the world in recent years. Large trampoline can be divided into different parts for different age of players, like free jumping area, basketball area, dodge ball area etc., and most of trampoline park are customized. 

The materials we use for trampolines are first-grade to ensure the best quality. Trampoline jumping mat is imported from USA; trampolines tubes are double galvanized for inside and outside; foam safety pad are EPE, and closed-cell foam is covered with PVC fabric, which will not absorb water, mildew or lose shape; trampoline springs are super high-strength chrome plated, and all our elements for the trampolines are anti-crack, anti-fade, anti-toxic, anti-UV resistance.

 Trampoline park is from the USA , and it becomes more and more popular during our life; also, people like to take participate in that kind of new activity.

 The reason why more people like to play in the trampoline park is that people can do everything in it, like flying, jumping, climbing, flipping , fighting , etc . It can be used for the age of 7-70 , and no matter you are male or female.

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