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Introduction of Worm Roller Coaster

Amusement caterpillar worm train is a kind of fairground equipment, which is popularized by Zhengzhou Jinshan Amusement Equipment Machinery Company. It belongs to the taxiing equipment and its main model is a big cute colorful caterpillar. It will pass through an apple model track after it operates. It is controlled by the two transmission gears and runs on the spiral track. Sometimes it spirals up and sometimes it goes down rapidly, which makes it very funny, exciting and also very popular among kids and adults.

Its cabins are made from fiberglass with the features of environmental protection, corrosion resistance and good stability. So it is suitable for indoor and outdoor, amusement park and public square. Its track can be single ring and double ring. Also we have other two models, such as dragon head and thrill shark.

Following is its specification:

Capacity :18 persons

Area size:16m*24m

Max height: 2.3m

Voltage :380V/60HZ

Power :5kw

wacky worm roller coaster

By Jinshan carnival rides