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Investment Mistakes in Children’s Amusement Equipments

For many children’s amusement equipments investors, method of reducing the cost is to buy cheaper equipment, rent a smaller space, so that the whole investment costs will reduce a lot. However, keep in mind that reducing unnecessary expenses is not to reduce costs in such aspects as equipment, but to grasp the present available resources, and allocate and utilize it reasonably.

In planning aspects: Locate and run children’s amusement equipments according to your capabilities. Don’t make yourself too stressful about the ground rent. Investors generally consider that if children’s park is filled with the guest, it must be profitable. However, more people do not necessarily bring more turnover, because profit comes from sustainable consumption and the amount of consumption.

In the aspect of equipment purchase: Investors should follow the mode that choosing “customer” before “equipment” to optimize the combination. The competition of the children’s amusement park is becoming more and more fiercer, the equipment is also full of style, so select equipment conform to your choice of customer, rather than follow the crowed blindly when buying equipment.

In the aspect of decoration: Whether the atmosphere is warm and cheerful largely depends on the decoration. Grasp the reasonable distribution of color in decorating, that is to say, venue decoration should conform to the positioning scheme. Most decoration and design of children’s amusement park is a patchwork or duplicate plagiarism without creative characteristics, so attention must be paid to the colorific collocation and the wall space and equipment design of children’s amusement park!

In management aspects: An amusement park which is welcomed by children, accepted by parents, and brings investors profit, cannot exist without a professional management team. Many investors will say that it is difficult to find such a good team to assist them, so it’s very important to pay attention to training when they invest and open the amusement park. At least take a third of the energy to do a good job in training, which is inevitable to build a high-quality management team!

In innovation aspects: Don’t try to imitate, but to go beyond. Many investors make it a routine to examine their peers or rivals’ amusement park before open their own amusement park, which is good to consider the profit pattern of competitors. Combine your own condition to make a planning, and make the amusement park more special, playable, and safer!

However, there is also a type of amusement park that just copy and imitate other park which is running well and have many customers, that is obviously inadvisable. Every park should have its own characteristics to attract customers, rather than compete with each other maliciously! A good understanding of investment thoughts and management skills is the root of the amusement park’s survival and getting returns!


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