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Is Amusement Park a Profitable Business ? Client’s Park Show You the Real Situation.

Many clients sent us inquiry about amusement equipment, except asking us questions about equipment, the common question is “is it not too late to invest in amusement equipment? Can I still make money?  I want to invest but afraid not to make money”.

The above photos is our client’s park, this client bought flying car, mini pendulum rides, self control plane, motor racing rides, mechanical bull, disco tagada, flying chair, bungee trampoline, playground slide, etc. From us, Business is hot, full of people every day, and he invests a new park in March.

Why can amusement park make so much money?

Frankly, for a new investor, they will consider about making money by charging amusement equipment’s ticket, in fact, this is the one method to make money.

We surveyed and returned to most of our customers, and our clients said “the profit of equipment’s ticket is 40 % of total revenue”.


Then, where are the other 60 % profit from?

  1. After your park open, it will attract more and more customers, and then you can open shops, restaurants etc., provide food, water, memento etc. For customers, this part of the income is considerable.
  2. Meanwhile, you can rent the place to other company or person to organize activity. Not only can you help your amusement park to increase your popularity, but also you will have a lot of rental income.
  3. As your amusement park becomes more popular, you can also pull some sponsorships and advertise, this will bring much profit for you, if your park are going famous in your local, some sponsors will contact you to advertise in your amusement park.

If you want to know more information, please contact us, we are manufacturer with more than 20 years experience and we will do our best to help you.