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Is It Profitable to Open Indoor Playground ? How about The Profit?

Children amusement park has broad development prospect, and is greatly welcomed by investment industry. Indoor playground are more popular among investors because they are not affected by outdoor conditions. Whether it’s cold or hot, or day and night, indoor playground can provide a safe place for children to play. Someone will ask that is it profitable? How about the profit? Today we will analyze the profit for you:


Many  parents are busy working, and have no much time to take kids to play, so when they have free time, they will be around the kids, where the kids want to go and where the family’s leisure is. Nowadays parents take their children to the mall to play while they can go shopping and eat delicious foods. Therefore, almost all the mall have kids playing area, covering the retail,entertainment, photography, theme park, etc.On the one hand, the accumulation of children drives the popularity of shopping malls and increase the passenger flow; on the other hand, the aggregation of related industries also facilitates consumers.Parents with children, can be completed in a place recreation, catering, shopping a series of activities, but also increased the attraction of shopping malls children’s playground.


Invest funds

From the scale of the site, the area of playground in the shopping malls are mostly in 100 square meters or more; the equipment also need to be more novel and fun, plus the rent level of the mall is higher than the same area, so the investment will be more. Take a 300 flat children playground in the shopping mall of a second-tier city as an example, the total price of rent, purchasing equipment, decoration, and staff recruitment is about , and actual price should depend on the regional rent differences and equipment differences.



The main profit of indoor playground is from the ticket and membership card. Such as a second-tier cities in China, the ticket is around 10 USD / time ( For you to compare, the normal lunch is about 3 USD), Membership card is divided into the number of cards, month cards, season cards, and half-yearly cards and year cards. Year cards can make the contra flow soon. Kids indoor playground belongs to one-time investment. After paying the rent and equipment cost, people don’t need to pay much later. Normally, the fist 2 month is the period of investment recovery . Especially if your business is doing well, you will earn more and faster .

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