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Is your Indoor Children’s Park Profitable in this Summer Vacation?

Summer can be called the peak season for parent-child play. For the parent-child family, the indoor park which is not affected by the weather has become their “rigidity-needed”. However, many operators believe that the summer season is the peak season and does not require much marketing. However, in the summer season, the park indeed needs to conduct much more marketing activities, so as to achieve higher returns.

What are the marketing plans that can be done during the summer vacation of the indoor children’s park?

☆ Provide a specific summer luxury combo

The summer exclusive luxury combo is a special offer for the vacation. Its purpose is to allow customers to enjoy the best price during the summer vacation, attracting children and parents at a great favorable price, and the time is limited to the summer vacation period. The most favorable price is used to attract the flow of people during the summer vacation.

☆Attract new customers by collecting Likes

Get a gift or a free experience though the way of collecting Likes is now a more popular marketing method. By means of collecting Likes, people around the customer can learn about the children’s park and participate in the collection activities together. This is also a good way to promote your park, it makes merchants have the opportunity to use a free experience chance to exchange a membership card.

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☆Add special children’s interest classes

During the summer vacation, many children do not have to go to class and also have not enrolled in interest classes, but parents still have to go to work normally. So what should we do with unattended children? At this time, the children’s park can also launch some hosted services. You can add some special classes for summer vacation in your park, and open various interest subjects so that children can learn things while playing. In addition, there are a wealth of parent-child activities. If the parents like it, they will be happy to spend money for these courses, so that their children can also participate in it, and naturally you can successfully absorb the flow of people.

☆Hold competitions according to the amusement project

Holding some competitions in suitable time is also a good choice for summer marketing activities. Many parks directly hold competition according to the content of the game consoles in the park, and attract players to participate with rich bonus and prizes. The competition can not only effectively attract people, but also show the fun of the game console used in the game at the same time, so that other people watching it will also want to experience it.

☆ Take preferential activities for specific groups

During the summer vacation, many students have a long vacations. For some students who have taken the final exam, this summer vacation is also very meaningful. Some parks have also caught this business opportunity, held targeted promotions according to the special crowd of graduates. For example, graduates can enjoy certain discounts with the admission tickets and their ID cards. Of course, in addition to the graduates who finished the exam, the park can also target other groups such as ungraduated students, or parents accompanying with them. In this case, there will be a lot more participating audiences, and the impact of the activities will be greater.

In addition to the park’s own marketing, you can also choose to cooperate with other organizations. Summer vacation is a very favorable propaganda period. So, open the promotion channel of the children’s park as much as possible!