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It Is Important to Purchase Amusement Rides in Right Time

As we know, Amusement park or fair, carnival has the hot season in different countries and city, every investor hope to get new rides in this period to catch the season and earn much profit.

In order to ensure the business can be done in right time, when should to place order to buy rides? Today amusement rides manufacturer would like to analysis for you:

Amusement rides is not small products, it is big volume, product cost also is higher, most rides are customized according to client’s request, therefore there is no stock rides normally.

The main material of amusement rides are steel and FRP, production time will take about 15~30 days (Depends on different rides), but if catch busy season, the production time might be longer, in this case, you might miss your season.

Then, after finished production, shipping time will take about 20~40 days (Depends on different country and port.) after you get it, you will need time to assemble rides and familiar with how to operate and test the amusement rides.

Therefore, we‘d like to suggest you to place order before 4~5 month, then you will have enough time.