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Jinshan Ocean Carousel Rides

Jinshan ocean carousel rides is a new type of ocean theme. There are rich marine life which is made of glass fiber cartoon relief on the internal roof, lively and vivid; on the eaves are cartoon coral reef with mermaid and dolphins; the rides are marine animal shapes, such as ocean horses, whales, shell car and so on; it has fine workmanship, smooth and beautiful. The ocean images are vividly portrayed, more gorgeous and colorful; the carousel is equipped with color lamp which can be automatically flashing, also has beautiful music (can be splice U disk, random change music when operating); after opening, wheel rotate at a constant speed; marine animals’ ups and downs, maks players have the feeling that swimming in underwater world. Jinshan ocean carousel rides has two model: 12 seats and 16 seats; size and height can be customized according to customers’ special requirements. There are up drive and down drive ocean carousel rides for customers to choose. Ocean carousel is suitable for amusement park, children’s palace, life plaza, community and other places with lots of people.

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