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Jinshan Teach You How to Choose Amusement Equipment


The same amusement equipment that have uniform specifications, their price range from 10,000 to more than ten million, so why the difference is so big? For choosing the amusement equipment, according to our factory research and annual market research, we sum up some ways as following:

1.Modeling of amusement equipment: beautiful appearance, colorful light and wonderful music will attract customers and give customers a good impression in the first place. Besides, some special modeling also has a certain meaning, such as bring people good luck, so people will continue to try and be your stable source because of special meaning.

2.Quality of amusement equipment:ensuring the normal operation of the amusement equipment is the most basic. If the customers meet some problems when they are playing, which will absolutely affect their mood, thus they will think the equipment is not good. Something like this will let operators lose some old customers. Therefore, in order to attract customers in a long-term, operators must provide high-quality equipment.

3.Materials of amusement equipment: painting must be fresh, bright, and light,also this part need to beglass fiber products. Only the car painting can achieve such an effect. if the painting effect is bleak and the workmanship is rough, then the equipment must be fade after being exposed to the sun less than half a year. But the adornment of the amusement equipment is all in the glass steel part, so this part must be delicacy and bright.

 4.Manufacturer qualification: If a manufacturer does not have the production qualification, and no corresponding procedures, then the amusement equipment you buy is a no “identity card” product, which will becomea problem for document inspection of amusement equipment industry from our country each year.

By Jinshan carnival rides