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Kangaroo Jump

Kangaroo jump is a new kind of bouncing amusement equipment, also called the “kangaroo jumping music” and “happy kangaroo jump” kangaroo Park “Product cockpit modeling has six groups kangaroo, eight groups Kangaroo composition, lovely shape, vivid and playful, suitable for people of different ages to ride, the amusement equipment operation, with wonderful music, along with the rotation of the cockpit equipment jump up and down, like sitting in a kangaroo pouch, to bring you a different experience and fun ride. Kangaroo jump to the classic kangaroo shape, perfect sense of jumping to get the child’s love.


Main technical parameters

work voltage:380V/50HZ

max power:4.5 KW

capacity :12 people

cover diameter:7 m

device height:3.5 m

motor power:4.5 KW

running speed:1.88m/a

Running time:The run time and speed classes are adjustable

Covers area:8 m

Process: the use of mold production, colorful, corrosion-resistant, good stability, aesthetics, etc., can be tailored according to site and user needs. With lighting, music, speakers, turn signals, awning (can increase)

Iron: iron after grinding, the use of high-temperature baking process, increase the anti-rust, manufacturers specializing in the production / processing / custom.

Product Application

Applicable to playgrounds, squares, parks, kindergartens, restaurants, community, residential and other indoor and outdoor venues. With environmental protection, stability, good, beautiful features, loved by the children and the market welcome.