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Large Amusement Equipment? Or Children Amusement Equipment?

In the industry of amusement equipment, it can be broadly divided into large amusement equipment and children amusement equipment. Then which kind of amusement equipment is more competitive?

Shooting Ride

Large amusement parks, which are suitable for adult to play, usually have large rides, because large rides are more exciting; but for children, it is not appropriate. Such as the roller coaster and pendulum rides that the adults have the audacity to experience, which is better for children to stay away from them.

Children amusement park is specially designed for children. Usually, the equipment inside are more interesting, which is suitable for the children’s sensory experience; their design is cute, and most of them have popular cartoon characters. These children amusement equipment parks are small, but the popilarity is not small.

The developmen of the amusement park is closely related to the local economy and residents’ living standards, because the construction investment and operation cost are higher, economically underdeveloped area is not suitable for the construction of such a large playground; while children amusement park is not the same because of its low investment and operating costs. Relatively speaking, the consumption cost of tourists is low, but the number of repeaded consumption is high, which is one of the best investment projects at present.

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