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Maintenance classification of children amusement equipment

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Routine maintenance

Routine maintenance is characterized by regularization and institutionalization, including maintenance before work, maintenance after work and maintenance in operation.

Maintenance contents include: the staff need to do a good cleaning job, add lubricating oil to the equipment regularly, tighten the loose screws and parts, check the equipment for oil leak, air leak, electronic leak, etc.

First-level maintenance:

The staff need to make the equipment to meet the requirements of  tidiness, clean, lubrication and safety, reduce wear, eliminate hidden danger, remove small fault, keeping the equipment in normal condition.

Maintenance contents : the staff need to disassemble and clean some spare parts and components, remove the oil on the surface of equipment, check and adjust the lubrication circuit to make it keep smooth and no leak.

Second-level maintenance

Maintenance contents: According to the use of equipment, the owner need to check or clean the equipment in part or all, check all the parts and lines, repair and replace the damaged parts.

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