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Maintenance of Indoor Amusement Equipment

There are so many amusement rides in our life, like indoor amusement rides and outdoor amusement rides. But how should we maintain the indoor amusement equipment? and what methods should we know when we maintain them?

1. It does not allow any form of subcontracting about the maintain of indoor playground.

2. Safety management workers and maintenance workers should be in accordance with the relevant provisions of the state and through special equipment safety supervision and management departments qualified, obtain the national special operations personnel certificate, sothat they can do the corresponding job or management work.

3. About the maintenance work of indoor amusement equipment is not heavy, site work operators can not be less than two peopleand operation workers should be implemented on site security measures.

4. About the maintenanceof indoor amusement equipment should be record and must be signed by relevant people.

5. The useful life of indooramusement equipment shall not be higher than that stipulated in the national regulations or the design review report. If the new indoor playground that exceeds the useful life shall be updated, or the operators should find qualified organization to modify the equipment and the equipment will be used after passing the inspection.

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