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Make a Thorough Analysis before You Invest in Amusement Equipment

Investment is to create better benefits. To put it bluntly, the better income means making more money, then how to choose the right investment projects? Amusement equipment are definitely a good choice. About the idea, you don’t need to investigate the market,just ask the people around you or yourself whether they have experienced amusement equipment, then the answer is very clear.
But Zhengzhou Jinshan amusement equipment Machinery Co.,Ltd reminds investors that, analysis are needed in many aspects of investment before starting the business.

Investment analysis:

1. Busy tourist Street (including night markets): commercial pedestrian street, large commercial center, square or recreational center.

2. The block has good visibility and availability, with a wide range of radiation.

3. Venue rental: Commercial land belonging to the management of shopping mall and Plaza that have business licenses for entertainment and sports,so that people can use their license to start street basketball;or according to the requirements of industry and commerce department people can apply for temporary license for mass sports activities, like “shooting”.

Visitor quantitative analysis

1. Quantitative analysis of tourist flow: each day at 11 clock, 15 clock, 19 clockand 21 clock, count up visitor quantity; the time is 10 minutes,and the statistical time interval is one week

2. Target visitor ratio:Generally it refers to the  ratio of tourists aged 15~35, mainly refers to students, lovers, tourists and other recreational entertainment flow.

3. The ratio of passing traveller and pedestrians will treat the radiating blocks as the destination.

By Jinshan carnival rides