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Management Pattern of Amusement Park

The shop owner take charge of everything, which includes administrative arrangement, staff assignment and transaction checking after the arrangement, formulate rules and principles and standards, reflect market condition, plan and execution to upper-class leader. Cashier, waiters,maintenance men, according to the different sizes of children’s amusement park, one person can play multiple roles. One amusemnet park needs staff like these several posts, each post has its own job, the shop manager should list job duties of each post, and supervise the staff do that according to rules.

Thinking of there are many kids in amusement park, the children will be very happy, they will learn from other children’s behaviors. Young kids like to play with those older than them. The children would play same toys, but different kids will have different playing ways. Kids will share the same space with others, they would even observe other kids’ playing ways. They will contact with each other and communicate.

Love playing is children’s natural instinct. It’s parents’ wish to let children learn from playing and play in learning. Now most amusement parks will form a set of amusement, sports, puzzle, fitness as one of the moral, intellectual, physical, beauty, labor, the new generation of children activity center, which is useful for children to give full play to vitality and imagination.