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Manual of Inflatable

Manual of Inflatable from Zhengzhou Jinshan Amusement Equipment Machinery Co.,Ltd


If the product is too big and too heavy after packing, please put them on the pallet and move them by forklift or crane. Do not drag them on the ground.

*Set Up

I.Open the package

Locate a clean, dry, flat area that is free of hard obstructions, abrasive materials, and sharp objects. Carefully spread out.

PS: It’s better to place a mat on the ground, to avoid the damage from the friction.


Inflate with air blowers

1.Fasten the air blower with air tube tightly

2.Turn on the switch of air blower and keep it working all the time.

3.During the inflating, it is not allowed to be twisted or cable ties. After a few minutes, the products will be inflated automatically as photos.When the product is up, please assist to expand it to set it up into form.

PS: If you find some twisting during inflating, please pull the products smooth immediately, or it will be damaged for heavy air pressure.


1.Turn off the switch of air blowers

2.Open the deflating zipper to deflate air quickly.


Metal D-ring anchors and webbing can make installation easy and firm in condition of strong wind and different places. Every anchor, hook and other accessories are demanded to be connected tight and strong.


Using deflator or workers step barefoot on the products to empty the air inside

According to the product width, select the long side to fold in half, then choose long edge to fold again. Rolling both ends and folding, in order to ensure the products can be arranged two head height.

After rolling, tied with ropes, and packed into strong PVC bag.

By Jinshan carnival rides