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Material of Carousel

We believe that people are no strangers to children amusement equipment–carousel. It belongs to the conventional amusement project and occupies an important position in the industry.

Now in every playground we can see a variety of carousel ride, but many people are not very clear about the material of carousel, whether it does harm to the passengers? Today we will give you an analysis about its material.

The main material of carousel is composed of steel and FRP. Steel is not harmful to human skin, FRP products have the characteristics of environmental protection, corrosion resistance and aging resistance. They are also harmless to the human body. About the paint material on surface, the damage from the spraying of steel parts is very small, FRP horses and decorative spray paint materials are environmentally friendly car paint, and there is no harm to the human body.

The carousel horse is divided into the top, middle column, big plate and track part. On the top by the umbrella, umbrella shed, umbrella rods, luxury carousel will have a corn and roof decoration composition. The material of umbrella and umbrella pull rod is made of steel, umbrella shed is environmentally friendly waterproof cloth from hand sewing, cornices are made of glass fiber reinforced plastic and buried iron, and ceiling decoration generally have endurance board, photo cloth, sun panels these three materials, it is also harmless to the human body. The middle column, the large plate and the track are made of steel and glass fiber reinforced plastics.

After understand the material of  the carousel, people can safely take it !

By Jinshan carnival rides