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Matters Needing Attention of Digger Rides

  1. The label of the power supply line must use 6 square or more national standard lines. The voltage must be above 210V.
  2. Please use a three-wire power supply with leakage protection and grounding wire.
  3. The ambient temperature of the digger should be between -10 degrees and 38 degrees, which is not suitable for places where water splashes may occur.
  4. The machine should be placed in a stable position to prevent rollover.
  5. It should be no-load running for 10 minutes when working outdoors in winter.
  6. It need to install a guardrail, when the machine is running, it is forbidden to walk in the guardrail.
  7. The power supply should be cut off for long-term deactivation.
  8. Children are prohibited from operating without care.
  9. It is forbidden to sway the bucket in the sand pool.
  10. Always check whether the screws are loose, whether the pins are off , and the lubricating parts of the working device are regularly filled. 1-2 years depending on the nature of the oil to determine whether to replace the hydraulic oil.