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Matters Needing Attention of Playing Amusement Equipment in Summer

1.It is hot in summer, which is also the high-incidence season of infectious disease, so the players should pay attention to hygiene,washing hands and taking bath frequently. Meanwhile, the operators must regularly disinfect and clean their amusement equipment.

2.The players should prevent themselves from the sunstroke. The temperature of daytime being high, is not suitable for going out.People who want to play outdoor amusement equipment can go to parks or square after the sun going down.

3.If people would like to play the equipment, then they can choose the near indoor playground that has air-condition.While they also need to care about the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor, avoiding hot cold.

4.After people playing outdoor amusement equipment, they will sweat; at the moment, do not drink ice water or ice drink,otherwise your body will endure so cold and so hot condition successively, which will do bad to the body.

5.The operators can not be lazy because of hot weather. Before operating, they should undertake thorough examination for the amusement equipment, like rotating a few times under the condition of without people to see whether it is safe.

Above is the introduction about the matters needing attention of playing amusement equipment. As a veteran amusement equipment manufacturer, Jinshan Amusement Equipment Machinery CO., Ltd welcomes your attention and consultation.

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