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Matters Needing Attention When Export Kids Amusement Equipment

In recent years, Kids amusement equipment industry has developed rapidly, the domestic business is extremely hot.  At the same time as the rise of the industry, a lot of foreign friends also have seen the huge business opportunities of Chinese carnival rides and have come to China to buy playground equipment one after another.

It is a great thing to the manufacturers who are not very proficient in the export business, bust also a great problem to them, because they almost haven’t done any foreign trade business and have no idea about export trade.

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In fact, exports are not that difficult, just do as the following steps we can easily complete the task. First of all, as for the production, we must first know the size of the container.  Maybe the carnival rides that you produced can not even fit in the largest container.  Thus I can clearly tell you, problem will come one by one.  So first you need to understand the container size and pay attention to it when custom amusement products.  Second, you must know that foreign investors will either do business in EXW or FOB.  It is so simple if they do choose EXW, factory delivery is ok.  But If they choose FOB, then you have to prepare two things: 1, Do inspection work well; 2, Granted export right(basically it’s easy for a legal person to solve), and get ready for a variety of customs formalities and vouchers. Finally, the logistics.  Choose a good logistics company allows your customers to quickly receive their goods and also help to avoid some trouble from customs.  By doing above these things, you can handle the export easily.

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