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Matters needing attention when purchasing children bungee jumping

There are some common amusement equipment in park, like carousel, pirate ship, indoor playground, etc. But not all parks have bungee jumping. There is no high buildings to be playground for bungee jumping. So, the height of most bungee jumping are usually low in amusement park.

And then derived from amusement rides is the children’s bungee jumping equipment, then  what problems should pay attention in the purchase of children’s play equipment ?


Dear customers and friends, The followings are children bungee jumping precautions before you purchase : 

1.Force rope must be Latex products, rather than rubber products, which must be imported dedicated.
2.Steel pipe must choose GB, rather than the use of galvanized pipe, pipe wall 3 mm, enough to bear the child’s weight
3.in addition to fixed wire rope, we must add diagonal stability straw in order to ensure adequate safety trampoline;
4.The safety belt must use special tape car, soft with internal high strength materials, buckle in the prevention of scattered type, in order to avoid slippage.
5.Must use the pulley wheel, instead of short pipe substitute, to prevent scattered pulley installation, avoid the rope was cut off.
6.The rope of the jumping rope must also be imported with latex to increase the service life, instead of using other substitutes
7.Jump nets should be designated for the national trampoline project, import nets, bungee jumping.
8.For the sake of children’s safety and better economic benefits, please pay careful attention to the purchase of your products. Never seek for cheap goods!

By Jinshan carnival rides