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Mechanical Bull

Mechanical bull is a popular games with people. And also the bull is very small and only take space which is about 10 square meter. It can be used in shopping mall, park, or family. So, it is good choice for people to start a new business.

The bull is a family games, it looks very exciting. But don’t worry, the bull will automatic stop when passenger fall down from bull, so it is a safe game for children and adults. Besides, the operating is very easy to fit. There is a control box which can operate bull. And also there are three speed, you can adjust it by yourself. When you get the bull, you just need to connect the wire with the control box, then the bull can run well.

Anyway, here list some safety precautions as below:

  1. Not suitable for children under 6 years old
  2. The passager should leave the bull when it is stopped almostly.
  3. The operator should not be away from the control box. When there is a problem, quickly turn emergency button on the control box to stop the bull.