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Mechanical Bull Riding Is an Extremely Entertaining Amusement Equipment.

Mechanical bull riding is an extremely entertaining amusement equipment. The main part is an emulational mechanical bull. This product is equipped with Spanish bullfighting music and controlled by a computer. It is very exciting and challenging , so it is very popular with customers.

Working principle: This product is driven by the dc and single-phase electric power. Through the RV reducer drives the crankshaft which drives the swing device, the bull can goes back and forth, up and down , swing and spin. In addition , the equipment have the control cabin which can monitor the working status of the whole machine and execute the movement instruction.

The distinction between the manual operation and automatic operation is that automatic type have the inductor and if the player leaves the body of the bull, the bull will stop.

Technical parameters:

1. Height:1.5 m

2. Diameter:5 m

3. Speed: hierarchicand adjustable

4. Voltage:220 v

5. Capacity: 1 person

6. Power:1 kw

7. Type :automatic or semiautomatic


Material: Fiberglass, PVC, steel

Suitable place: Shopping mall , supermarket, square, park and playground.

Applicable people: all ages

The advantage: This product employs durable motor and standard accessories which are produced by large-scale factories. All fiberglass part use the automotive paint which is bright and not easy to fade. The whole machine has a good feedback from the customers because of good quality and safety.

Mechanical Bull Rides

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