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Mini Lotus Flying Chair is a Popular and Classical Amusement Equipment

Mini lotus flying chair is a classical amusement equipment. It has a very beautiful appearance and exciting game modes. It is very popular and suitable with kids.

About the mini flying chair, its speed can be adjustable and the installation don’t need the basics,

What’s more, equipped with bright lights and music devices, the mini flying chairs suit for indoor and outdoor. When the kids are playing it , they will enjoy the flying feeling.

The mini flying chair belongs to rotary amusement equipment. With the rotating of the machine, the players will fly and get off the ground. In addition, the chair will swing up and down, which make the players have a sense of weightlessness.

Technical parameter:

1. Height:3.2 m

2. Cover area: 5 m

3. Voltage : 380 v

4. Speed:1.3 m/s

5. Power: 2 kw

6. Capacity:12 people

7. Weight:1.3 t

mini flying chair

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