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Misunderstanding in Operation of Children’s Amusement Park

In fact, suitable site planning is the best. Indeed, more equipment really can attract passengers to stay for a long time, but the site should also be adjusted according to its size and provide aisle to each equipment. Thus the tourists can watch and they can be attracted so as to let the park make more profit. If you blindly increase the equipment and don’t leave the space, the cutomers will only feel the park is disorderly and unsystematic and crowding. Finally the amusement experience is affected.

Combination innovation is method which is low-cost, easily realized in amusement industry. It includes interior combination between different amusement equipment programs. And it also includes the combination between water amusement program and land amusement program. Forming new entertainment experience products through combination. Nowadays people preference experiential and products which have interaction function. So this needs our combination to be novel, peculiar, comfortable, and have reasonable function and properly distributed regions.

Some operators will go into this kind of mis understanding and bilndly follow. They choose the children’s amusement program that are hot recently. For example, they see someone make track motorcycle and make a lot of money, and they follow to make this too. Sometimes, if the amusement program is too similar, the unnecessary competition will be brought. The customers will be divided away. Therefore, faced with various amusement programs in the market, the operators should not only servey the program is innovative or not, but also know about the market condition, combined with self condition and do not blindly follow the hot things.