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More and More Amusement Parks are Operating in this Way

The operation of the park is a long-term business, and there are many factors affecting the visitor flow of the park, including location selection, planning and design, equipment quality and so on. Here are a few simple aspects to understand how to enhance the charm of the park!


Create a good atmosphere

Parents and children play in the amusement park, in order to find joy and create warm memories, so it is best for the park to create a good atmosphere to play.

1.Usually there will be a broadcasting system in the park. In peacetime, some songs may be broadcasted. The content of the broadcast is best to meet the tastes of the children, and at the same time interspersed with some introduction to products. This not only attracts the attention of children, but also promotes the park business.

2.The entrance to the park can be used to attract children’s attention by arranging arches, some cartoon styles can also be arranged in the surrounding areas.

Do a good job in cleaning management of amusement equipment

Whether it is new or old equipment, it is necessary to keep the equipment clean and sanitary, and do not have dirt or debris. If it is a water park, in addition to the use of the supporting sand pump equipment, through the uninterrupted water circulation filtration method for physical treatment of water purification, chemical means such as copper sulfate should be used to ensure the water quality is clear and safe. If the water quality is worse, it will seriously damage the mood of tourists and reduce the second-time visiting rate of customers. Therefore, the cleaning process of the equipment plays a crucial role in increasing customer stickiness.

In addition, after the over-loading of the amusement equipment during the peak period, dust, static electricity and overheating will damage some fragile electronic components, resulting in a decline in the running efficiency of the whole equipment. Therefore, it is necessary to promptly check and repair the equipment to eliminate hidden dangers, which could bring a chain reaction and cause greater losses.


Increase marketing of mobile internet

The current popular marketing method is friend group marketing and fans economy. Using mobile internet to bring customers flow to the park is the quickest and most cost-effective method.

1.Use the WeChat public platform to publicize the names and gameplay of all amusement equipments in the park through pictures and videos. Usually, you can also take some live scenes with appropriate texts to promote the products.

2.Use the group of friends to do appropriate activities. Through the means of forwarding, liking and so on, to realize the more than once spread of the park, and attract more local tourists.