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Most Popular Kids Amusement Ride Around The World—Mini Shuttle

Cars on children amusement mini shuttle is exquisitely-crafted and have vivid decorations to make it look like an art. The track edge is equipped with shining lights and joyful music to make passengers cheerful.
Its characteristics are as followed:
1.The track of mini shuttle is in the vertical orbit of the interchange. It has pathway below and high ground.
2.It has many different kinds of models, such as bee models, sheep models, sea horse models,car models and etc.
3.All tires are solid tires with strong stability and low noise
4.The mini shuttle track is decorated with colorful lights, stereos and children’s cartoons stickers, which make children experience the feeling of crossing mountains and leaping over the time and space. It is thrilling but it has no any panic. That is why it is deeply loved by children.

Insect mini shuttle

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