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Necessary English Used in Amusement Park, Collect Before Traveling!

Enter the amusement park, of course, it’s important to take inventory of the major entertainment facilities, so that you can have a purpose and have a good time. The first is Ferris Wheel, the most popular one for lovers; there is also Roller Coaster with a long queue. And, of course, Corsair. And the Flume ride that makes you feel fresh and free in the summer. Finally, we have to mention the Merry go round that carries the dreams of countless girls.

Generally, during the process of the roller coaster or ferris wheel, the major amusement parks also provide the Express Photo Service and Theme Photo Frame. If you want to select the corresponding service, you can say I’d like Express Photo Service and I need the Photo Service to inform the staff.

You need to learn two sentences when playing. First, whether for food or children who are tired, it can be said that is there a restaurant nearby? Or: Do you have a food court? The difference between a restaurant and a food court is that a restaurant is a place people can sit down and order a restaurant, while a food court is similar to a food court and a big time, open, with more choices and cheaper prices. Secondly, about the inquiry of the bathroom, you can use where is the nearest bathroom?

In the process of playing, we must know where is the clinic medical center, also need to learn how to speak to medical staff when there are conditions that often happen, for example, in summer it’s easy to meet Heatstroke and Dehydration and skin friction Blister. Also, don’t forget to pick up the Souvenir shop.

Four sentences that we must learn: Is there a restaurant nearby? Do you have a food court? Where is the nearest bathroom? Where is the souvenir shop? I need to go to the medical center.