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New Investors in the Amusement Industry Should Read It

There are many kinds of amusement equipment, like large amusement equipment, medium amusement equipment, small amusement equipment, and the same amusement equipment is divided into different models. For the new investors in the amusement industry, it is important to buy high-quality equipment that will bring them high yields. Next, we will introduce how to choose the equipment from 3 points:

Rotating pulley

1. Types of product

The most common classification is the size of area. Large amusement equipment is generally outdoor equipment, because the area is too large to be kept indoors, like roller coaster, ferris wheel, etc.; compared with large amusement equipment, medium amusement equipment has more various models, also generally being kept outside, like carousel; there are more types of small amusement equipment, and they are exempt from inspection; for the operators whose budget is low, small equipment is a good choice, like mini pirate ship.

2. Model, specification, function,material, price of the equipment

First learn the classification of products to determine the type of amusement equipment you want to invest in, and then confirm the model you like. Generally the model can be divided according to the number of cabin and arm, like carousel, the number of its seat include 16 and 24. Of course, the number of seats will influence price. Function is also the classification factor, like the Jellyfish rides, it has one type that can shake head and the other type that can not shake head. The material used in the amusement equipment are usually made of glass steel and steel. The usage amount of glass steel also influence price. People can look at the steel to judge the quality of equipment.Finally, check the finished product, distinguishing from the color, brightness and gloss of painting.

3. Shop around

If you want to buy a satisfactory product, making more comparisons is necessary. Same product, compared to the type; same type of product, compared to the quality; same quality of product, compared to the price. So long as not afraid of trouble, and the hard work, people always can buy the most suitable equipment.

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