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New Playground Equipment, Let Children Become Angels

Naughty castle, slides, luxury carousels, etc. all these new playground equipment make children become “Happy angels” and they are deeply loved by the children. So many new playground equipment such as naughty castle is very popular in recent years. Then what’s the scope of application of the naughty castle?

The naughty castle is suitable for large shopping malls, amusement parks, youth palace, cultural palace, clubs and so on. Many operators of new playground equipment choose modern shopping malls to operate their playground equipments. Because these places integrate leisure, entertainment and shopping into a whole, and gather so many children.

There are many soft balls in the naughty castle and children are free to throw, cast and shoot these balls. It’s always full of surprising, exciting in the indoor playground games that is both safe and happy. The children’s curiosity, ambition, and psychological demands of exploration all has been satisfied. Analysis on the selection of children playground equipment

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