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Nine Principles to Increase Customer Favorability of an Amusement Park (1)

At present, children’s amusement parks are widely opened, operators of each amusement park are continiously improving their operation methods. How to stand out in fierce competition? How can the amusement park attract more passenger flow. Let’s have a look of the following customer attracting principles.

  1. Convenience Principle

When the park is open for the business, have you met the person who enter the store to take shelter from the rain, borrow umbrellas, or ask the way? Now many shops are afraid of trouble and refuse them, not willing to provide “convenience” to customers or passers by. However in Japan, there is a store, they advertise especially on street that “garden wash room,free to use”, which attracts many passers by to use. Passers pass by, and the customer flow never stop, their business certainly becomes better and better. This is Convenience Principle, convenient to others, convenient to one’s own.

Methods: in fact,, the amuement park sites can open for free with washing rooms, Wifi, entertainment equipment etc. Besides, provide free purified water to customers or passers by. In hot summer, allow the passers by to enter the store to enjoy the cool. These convenience-for-people measures will give people a comfortable feeling and naturely attract more customers.

  1. Influence Principle

Influence of an amusement park directly decide that the customer will enter and consume or not. When you go shopping and pass a store by as a common consumer, what is it to affect you to walk in this store? And what is it affect you to make decision to buy? For example, a picture of a delicious dish attracts you to walk in a restaurant, stylish dressing and match on a model in showcase of a clothing store attracts you to enter the store and have a look, which is “ Influence Principle”.

Methods: whenever at ordinary times or having sales promotion, our amusement park should take fully advantage of sound, image, picture, word, color and so on to affect passers by. Such as lovely puppets and various and bright colors to attract children so as to lead customers enter and consume.