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Nine Principles to Increase Customer Favorability of an Amusement Park (2)

  1. First Principle

No store owns popularity once it opens, popularity of a store needs to accumulate over a long period. Your store doesn’t have to be the best throughout the country, or all companies, you just need to be the best in your regional market.

Methods: as it were, now each store is surrounded by competitors, your store only needs to have a little better service than your competitors, have a little more innovative activities, shop assistants have a little stronger sale skills. All these “a little” gather much less, your store will become the No. 1 from comprehensive strength in this origion.

  1. Reputation Principle

To a store, public praise of customers is better than anything else. The greatest salesman of the world is just customer himself. The assitant wear out his tongue to recommend economical consumption set and equipment or activities which are beneficial to children to customers, which is inferior to customers’ one word, “this amusement park is very good”! This is Reputation Principle. The shop manager and shop assistant should maintain store’s reputation well, then your passenger source and rate of return to introduce will naturally rise perpendicularly.

Methods: at ordinary times, the shop manager should pay more attention to the improvement of shop assistants’ specialized knowledge and recommend from customers’ actual condition. After all, entering the store means that they do have certain needs (almost children’s needs). Enough professional knowledge and proper joint sales, and good service attitude integrate together. The reputaion of store naturally spread out.